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Children need to excel not only in their academic endeavours; but also in their personality, characteristics, and values. They need inspiration, motivation, and the cultivation of selected skills and beneficial habits to ensure a successful life and a bright future.

“In these modern and challenging times, simply getting an A+ isn’t enough. Education in all of its form is absolutely crucial; but what’s also important is the cultivation of good habits & values, and the development of positive spirit, mind and heart. The strong will soar; and the academic makes up only half of the wings needed to take flight. Fail to develop the personality and they’ll struggle to keep up with the flock of high fliers. We must begin building this generation of successful people with exceptional characteristis right from the very early age.” – Teacher Emil

Teacher Emil in Inspiration for Kids International, and in partnership with Stage for Kids Global, have developed workshop programs to empower children ages between 5 to 12 years old.

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Segment: The Awesome Kids
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