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I am Mr. Emil.

Most of you know me as Teacher Emil from Stage for Kids Global; the expressive, dramatic, and wonky drama trainer now based in Singapore.

I love what I do, I am ever so grateful and humbled for being able to do what I do, and here I am, nearly twenty years later; still leading, training, developing, expanding, and uplifting both children and fellow educators/guardians through the Stage for Kids Global brand, curriculum and network.
Inspiration for Kids is an extension of growth in my journey as a CEO, a leader, an educationalist, a colleague, a partner, and a motivational communicator with young children.

Let me share my background just a little bit; I was born into a family from a not-so-wonderful background. We didn’t have the best of places, materials, or finances.
As a child, I grew up in a neighborhood known as ‘the slums of the city’. But unlike many of the other children that I grew up with, I did not fall into and repeat the cycle of struggles.
I was blessed with faith, trust, and confidence through opportunities, education, inspiration, motivation, and empowerment.

I stumbled into the educational and character-development field and niche by coincidence. I was in my early 20s when someone asked me to help him assist a drama class. It just took off from there. As I explored, learned, and progressed in my various roles of becoming an educationalist, I suddenly recalled an earlier event in my life that got the wheels turning to me doing what I’m doing right now.

Story… I was 12.
One afternoon, I was in a room with my mother and her then partner. He was abusive. I was angry with my mother, because I thought she didn’t do enough to protect me (I did however realize much later, that she felt helpless. In time, I forgave her, and I stopped blaming her.)
After he taunted me, with his face close to mine, I turned to her and screamed at her, saying, “When I’m big, I’m going to be a better adult to children”. Now… in my 40s, and I’m doing just that (and more).

Here I am; running Stage for Kids Global, Stage for Kids International and now, Inspiration for Kids International.

Life has its way of finding you and directing you – in its own time – to your destiny.

Today, my job, my goals, my objectives, my passion and my duty are to not only teach; but to help inspire, educate, cultivate and empower ALL children; regardless of race, background, nationality, language and abilities.
My life’s struggles would have gone to waste if I don’t used them to help the younger generation in their life’s struggles.

I also understand the importance of achievements beyond the academic success; life is also about the development of our values, characteristics, opportunities, emotional strengths, psychologically needs, our habits, and the courage/confidence to want to strive for better.
As we see now in 2022; life has gotten much more challenging and complicated; our children need us more to help them navigate through it all.

Teachers, parents & guardians; join me.

And as for you… children… I want you to know that when someone tells you the sky’s the limit and you have endless opportunities; believe that they are right.
No matter your background; you must have courage to dream, to imagine, to be creative, to try, to immerse, to experience, to be determined, to strive, to fail and to get up, to ask, to cry and to laugh, and hold on to faith as you put your heart, spirit, soul and sweat into your efforts. Don’t give up. Rest, but don’t give up.
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Remember; you are brave, you are kind and you can share your voice.
Stay Awesome and see you in the videos,
xx Teacher Emil
Inspiration for Kids International / Stage for Kids Global Network

Brief Professional Background:
Teacher Emil… is the founder and CEO of Stage for Kids International, Stage for Kids Global & Network, and Inspiration for Kids International.
He has been in the arts, creative, theatre, character-development & educational sector for two decades – working with young children (mainstream and special needs) and teachers & guardians/parents. He grew up in three continents; Singapore, North America, Europe & UK; and have taught in various countries including UK, USA, Malaysia, Japan and now, Singapore, where Stage for Kids Global is based.
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